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I collaborate with academics, journalists, as well as organisations working on issues of civic rights and social justice to produce data-informed and research-backed knowledge and editorial products.


Some recent projects are listed here: 

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Women in parliaments

Gender x Politics x Representation

I analysed data on elections and developed the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)'s annual flagship report on women's representation in national parliaments, 2021. 


Gender representation in Indian news media

Gender x Media x Representation 


I led the data research, analysis and development of UN Women’s report on gender representation in Indian newsrooms for 2020, in collaboration with Newslaundry. The report tracked the content published on various media houses - across print, TV and digital - over twelve months, and found that men got a disproportionate amount of bylines and voice in Indian mainstream media.

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Digital Curriculum

Reporting effectively on business responsibility

Inclusion x Media x Social Justice 


I led the research and curriculum development for an online training module to help journalists and researchers report on the corporate world more critically and in an intersectional manner. The module has been developed by Oxfam India in collaboration with Newsworthy.


Tableau-Equal Measures 2030 Data Fellowship

Gender x Politics x Representation 

I ​was one of sixteen journalists  from India and Kenya who were trained to use Tableau to report on progress on SDG 5 indicators between April 2021 and February 2022. ​




Welfare Benefits and Electoral Choices

Elections x Politics x Welfare 

I developed state-focused reports for five Indian states based on quantitative research and analysis using SPSS. The reports are part of an ongoing research project that examines the linkages between welfare and vote in Indian elections and is being led by Professor Rajeshwari Deshpande of the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Editorial Review 

Inclusive Language Review

Inclusion x Representation x Social Justice

I reviewed terms for potential biases and suggested more inclusive replacements to reflect the Indian context. This project was for TELUS International.



Leadership to address human trafficking

Gender x Human Rights x Social Justice

In collaboration with Newsworthy, I helped Kalinga Fellowship produce niche, focused storytelling on their work on human trafficking in a critical, sensitive and engaging manner. Strategised and executed the LinkedIn and Twitter handles during the course of the Fellowship from December 2020 to May 2021. 

Editorial Review 

Justice on our plates - Essays on ending malnutrition in India

Public Health x Social Justice x Welfare

I worked on editing and producing the June 2020 edition of the Seminar Magazine for Newsworthy. The edition comprised writings by policymakers, political leaders, subject experts and academics on combating malnutrition in India.

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